Medically-Based Weight Management Solutions

Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is committed to finding solutions for your weight management and helping you find achievable ways to manage your metabolic health.

Understanding weight management

What does weight management entail?

Weight management is providing diagnosis and treatment of obesity or needed weight loss through weight reduction programs. The goal is to aid individuals in obtaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Medically based approach

Our approach to weight management

At TVMM, we take a tailored approach to dietary medication, exercise, and weight management. Our weight management program will help patients receive personalized medication, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle techniques in order to achieve their long-term weight goals and improve their quality of life.

For Your Weight Loss Analytics

Inbody Technology

Treasure Valley Metabolic utilizes InBody Technology to ensure the most accurate means of measuring your body's fat and muscle content. InBody devices use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to calculate the electrical resistance in your body, to pinpoint fat and muscle content to a precise degree.

InBody Technology is a non-invasive means of tracking your progress more effectively to formulate better plans to improve your health. Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is fully dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to make your weight loss journey a more efficient and enjoyable journey.

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Indoor Exercises for Weight Loss

Looking for ways to get in activity when the weather isn’t so great outside? We have your answers here.

How Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is different

Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is different and we can help you achieve your health goals!


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