Nutrition Services

Why work with a Registered Dietitian to create a custom nutrition plan?

Diet culture and mixed nutritional messages run rampant in today’s culture. It’s hard to know whom to trust and challenging to decipher what is fact versus fiction. Even then, facts can contradict themselves. Working with a Registered Dietitian (RD) means your nutritional care is in the hands of someone who has been formally educated (minimum requirement of bachelor’s degree within an accredited university) and is state and federally certified to speak on the subject matter of nutrition, there is no one more qualified. With an RD you’ll hear less about fad diets, nutritional trends, products, gimmicks, and quick fixes. Instead, you’ll learn about the science of how food can support your health goals, address the unique barriers and limitations you’re up against and identify sustainable changes that are specific to you, proven to produce desired outcomes.

During our time together we will examine why your current diet or lifestyle isn’t causing the results you desire, even a balanced intake, of nutrient-dense, whole foods might not achieve desired goals. We will assess food knowledge deficits or mixed messages you’ve heard. It is crucial we examine barriers you face, these might include lifestyle behaviors, your emotional/ mental relationship with food, logistics, finances, etc. Together we will formulate a nutrition plan that is science supported and specific to you. Your plan will consist of small, feasible, sustainable steps to help you reach your goal. Each follow-up is a chance for you to share what worked well and which areas you struggled in. We will continue to collaborate till you feel your desired goal is reached and even then, the collaboration continues as you enter a new phase of maintenance.

Other topics you could expect to discuss, but not limited to: