Diabetes Management

We Treat Diabetes Differently

No matter where you are at in the process, TVMM looks at your metabolic health to develop customized solutions for pre-diabetes as well as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We believe that we truly approach diabetes management differently than anywhere else. Every person is different and unique and you deserve care that meets your individual needs from meal plans to medication. Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is here to be an ally for you.

How we can help

Diabetes Management

Nutrition and exercise play an important role in diabetes management. The food that we eat and physical activity that we participate in can have a significant impact on blood glucose levels, also known as blood sugar. Having a medical expert to guide your nutrition in terms of what to eat, how much, and when will help keep your blood sugar at an appropriate range. Combining an effective individualized nutrition plan with physical activity has several benefits: Maintain healthy levels in blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol, lose weight, prevent or delay diabetes issues, increased energy, and feel better.

Foods and drinks to avoid

Things to consider

If you have diabetes, you will benefit greatly by avoiding the following foods: fried fatty foods that are high in saturated fat, food that is high in salt, sweets such as cake, pastries, and candy, and sugary drinks such as soda and energy drinks. Our team can help guide you by finding healthy and delicious nutrition alternatives.

How Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is different

Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is different and we can help you achieve your health goals!


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