Meet Katy Connley


Katy was raised in Boise, Idaho and her first patient care employement was at the Idaho Elks Rehab Hospital as a bath aid. She attended undergraduate school in Helena, Montana. She received a bachelor of arts in nursing and graduated magna cum laude. Katy served as a nurse in an orthopedic/neurosurgery unit, surgical intensive care unit and in St. Luke’s pilot electronic intensive care program. Katy later pursued her masters of science in nursing at Idaho State University and began her nurse practitioner career in diabetes management.  

As her passion for diabetes management grew, so did her interest in weight management, as she realized that her patients had little support in changing their health and reversing their diseases.  

Katy opened Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine in January of 2020 and she has been using her 20 years of patient care experience to drive her approach to care. Focusing on the biochemical and physiological processes within the body are the keys to her patients’ success. 


Along with her extensive career, Katy is the mother of two beautiful children. Her hobbies include quilting, reading, research, heavy metal and video games.


Meet Megan Brock

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Megan Brock is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. She has over seven years of experience as a mental health nurse and provider. Megan works with patients who have a mental health diagnosis. Megan seeks to provide her patients with community resources for comprehensive treatment. She is passionate about creating a welcoming and safe environment for her patients. Megan is experienced in treating anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and other persistent disorders. Her primary role is assessing, diagnosing, recommending treatment, medication management, and becoming partners with her patients during their mental health journey. Megan is a partner in improving the community’s mental health.

Meet Kirsten Thomas

Registered Dietitian

Kirsten was born and raised in Yakima, Washington. She attended Central Washington University, acquiring a Bachelor’s of Science in Food Science and Nutrition with a specialization in Dietetics. Idaho State University brought her to the Boise area where she completed her post-baccalaureate internship. During this time she experienced a variety of dietetic disciplines but felt most drawn to the diabetic and weight management patient.
Typically, “I am not what people expect from a Dietitian; I hate the word diet and care less about what you ate and more about why you ate it. I aim to guide my patients; helping them explore a new lifestyle or mindset centered on food. I have found that when we better our understanding and more importantly our relationship with food, healthier choices fall into place naturally.”

Evaluation for weight-loss begins with an appointment with Katy Connley, the nurse practition. Our focus is to not only tailor a program that works for you but to include a blend of root cause “functional/integrative” medicine with traditional medical therapies. Every aspect of the person is evaluated including but not limited to family history, mental health, stess, sleep, previous weight loss attempts/therapies and gut health.

She understands that food can be emotional. Combining that with a science background, her and owner, Katy Connley, MSN, FNP-C, BC-ADM work together to form a comprehensive team supporting diabetes management and weight loss.

Just as much as she desires food to be nutritious, she also wants it to taste good and spends time in her kitchen being creative with recipes. She would prefer to spend all her days in the mountains, mainly snowmobiling but when she can’t she’ll settle for hot springs, elk/deer shed hunting, and side by siding with friends. If she is forced in be in town you can find her at the gym or swing dancing.

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