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A Note from Katy Connley

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A Note from Katy

“My background in medicine started in high school with Health Occupations 101. It was essentially an introduction to the medical field where we studied different professions. This gave me the opportunity to also become involved in an organization called Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA).  HOSA had regional and national competitions that I got to be a part of, with events focused on Medical Terminology, team CPR and HOSA bowl. I was interested in the science aspect of health care and determined that I would pursue health occupations to become certified as a nursing assistant. I was able to get class credit for working at the Elks Rehabilitation Hospital as a bath aide and later would go on to work full shifts on the weekends. Being a CNA was invaluable as I learned about compassion, dignity, respect and how to care for others.

Since my family resided in Montana, I decided to go to college there. It was just far enough away from home, but close enough to easily visit. I toured Carroll College in Helena, Montana and instantly fell in love. There I completed my BA in Nursing and passed my licensing exam.

I initially wanted to become a NICU nurse and was devastated when I didn’t get the job. Everything happens for a reason though. I landed my first nursing job at St. Luke’s in Boise on the orthopedic/neuro surgical floor working nights. I had the BEST group of coworkers and grew as a nurse tenfold. My main training in college was in the emergency room, which I loved, so I asked my manager if I could eventually transfer to the ER or the ICU. As soon as the hiring freeze was lifted, I was able to interview for the surgical ICU position and got the job, again working nights. There I met some more of the most amazing, intelligent and caring people I have ever met. I enjoyed my time there and eventually was hired into the pilot Telehealth Electronic ICU program while I finished my Master of Science in Nursing. I’ve always loved learning, so continuing to be a Nurse Practitioner made sense to me.

Through my education at Idaho State University, I explored many aspects of medicine, including primary care. I had the opportunity to do most of my clinical hours at Terry Reilly downtown which provided experiences abound. When searching for jobs, I knew health maintenance and support was something I wanted to pursue. After graduation, I worked as an insurance exam provider while I searched for my ideal position. I had a few interviews, but nothing really sparked my interested until a diabetes position opened at St. Al’s. Throughout the 5.5 years that I spent learning and growing in the field of diabetes medicine, it became apparent that helping patients achieve their weight loss goals was becoming my passion. I started the process of further education into obesity management and a fire was ignited when I attended the Obesity Medicine conference in April of 2019. As I started seeing patients for just weight management, I knew I wanted to create a program of my own somehow. Upon researching my options, I came across the company, US Healthcare Partners, a company that helps nurse practitioners and physical therapists start their own businesses. From there, I kept moving on with each step, until someone gave me the keys to 951 E. Plaza Dr. Suite 110 in beautiful Eagle, Idaho.”

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